Kindred Corn is a team effort made up of Meaghan Philbrook & Seth Kirsch. It is first and foremost a venture interested in deeping relationships between ourselves and our friends, family, and members of our community in a way that is thoughtful and supportive and acknowledges the importance of the land that sustains us all. 

We believe that there's value in the story that the food we put in our bodies tells. That where it's grown and who grew it is important.  This venture is rooted in the idea that our success as


a people is dependent on conscious decision making and the belief that the way we treat the earth is the same as the way we treat ourselves is the same as the way we treat each other and that it all matters.


The idea that food should be simple is the foundation on which this venture rests. We try to use only the ingredients that are necessary to make things delicious and we try to use as much whole grain as we can. We strive to be a part of creating a world in which farmers, millers, artists, and craftspeople of all kinds support one another and work together to create a true community.

We source all of our flour from our dear friends (and former employers) at Boulted Bread. They use all organic grain and mill their flour on their very own stone mill. We feel extremely fortunate to have them just down the street.  All of our cornmeal comes from Asheville's Farm and Sparrow. Dave Bauer is an expert in heirloom and landrace grains and is committed to North Carolina agriculture and learning how to grow good things better. 


Ultimate credit and appreciation and love to our parents, Trish and Tom and Kim and Richard, who have done everything for us. And of course our siblings who have always been there for a hand up, a good conversation and laugh.