Our offerings are seasonal and will change based on what's growing locally as well as on the whims that determine what we're interested in and excited about at any given moment. The role that corn has played in our regional and national history as the grain that has done more than any other to sustain and feed the peoples that have lived here for millenia fascinates us. It plays a role in everything we make. What follows is a list of our favorites that will likely always find their way out of our oven.

Sourdough pan loaves: Naturally leavened, 75% whole grain. Wheat, spelt, cornmeal. Oftentimes seeded. 


Chocolate Chunk Cookies: Semi-sweet chocolate, AP flour, whole wheat, cornmeal. 


Biscuits: Tribute to the Millers of N.C. fresh milled whole wheat, cornmeal and malt. Baked to a golden brown, flecked with wheat bran and organic butter. Sold by the bucket of five biscuits. 

Buttermilk Cornbread: Cornmeal, whole wheat, buttermilk. Baked in cast iron for a crispy crust. 


Pretzel Wands: Soft baked and heavy on the whole wheat. 


XL Spiced Brownies:  Enough ginger and cinnamon and chocolate for a handful to enjoy.

Naan Dough: Sourdough naan hydrated with North Carolina yogurt. Portioned for four flatbreads, pop the dough in your fridge until your ready for fresh, bubbly, chewy naan. You can roll it out and cook it on a hot stovetop in minutes.

Seasonal Pie: Berries to stone fruit, to apples and pear we bake with whats in season. 

Golden Raisin Scone: Rich with fresh milled einkorn and cornmeal, slightly sweet cousin to a buttermilk biscuit. Layered by crumbles.


Pancake and Cornbread Mixes: Organic, fresh milled dries of some of our favorites. We'll provide instructions so you can whip up homemade goods whenever you want. 

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Blueberry Ginger Scone.JPG